The Manuskript

It is fullfild!

My manuscript „CHILD ABUSE and CHILD TRAAFICING— by governments and corporations organized crime“ is finally available in English as well.

In following you can download the manuscript at no charge:

The manuscript represent also the basis/evidence to my testimony regarding my lawsuit at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

I regularly write about current events — especially those regarding my several criminal charges — in my blog HERE. You are welcome to follow the news.

I am NOT a native English speaker. Nevertheless I hope that the translation is quite understandable.

As stated in the manuscript, I was forced into unemployment— as a means of blackmail. Therefore I cannot afford a professional translation as well.

In order to prevent any misunderstandings based on language missinterpretations, you are welcome to contact me via eMail at any time to clarify your questions/doubts.

If you would kindly like to support me in this critical situation my personal details can be found HERE.

Best regards,


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